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Brian Smith's Mast Raising and Lowering

Note - Morley’s lines form a bridle from the end of the boom to each chainplate. As the mast is lowered, the boom raises to an almost vertical position (see picture). The purpose of the Morley’s lines is to keep the boom from falling over to the port or starboard side as it’s ascending. The lines should be tied so that when the mast is down and resting on the bow pulpit, the Morley’s lines should be taught, but not strained. In the mast up position, the lines will be loose, as the mast is lowered they will become tighter. You’ll need to experiment to get the correct length. For future use, mark the lines once the correct length has been determined, or attach snap shackles on the ends.
For questions or comments you can contact Brian Smith at: smithb@cadvision.com